This is where we have to be tough and strict.

This blog is being used for my own comments about what i’ve seen in the AFL.

It is not going to be a discussion about Court and what went on in there. It is forbidden to be spoken about on any platform by anyone.

We also have no comments allowed on here for that very reason.

If you decide to be a bit of a fool and try to email me with your thoughts your emails along with your IP address will be forwarded to the judge who will then get you into so much strife that it’s not funny.

Contempt of Court is something you don’t want to have hanging over your head.

Leave the court stuff out of it and you will be able to have a read of this blog.

Also i will take a firm look at any real contact details. Privacy is privacy. If you are here to bully somebody senseless and you decide to post up their home address you could be up on a privacy breach.

Also Let’s keep this family friendly with no swearing allowed.