Welcome to our new blog.

This blog is going to give you more of an update on where we are all at. Every change that will happen will be blogged about.

I won’t have anyone commenting about anything even the spammers can go jump in the lake with this one. Going to make sure that Aksimit is involved here. Just to protect the site.

At the moment we have got one site up that is a forum. Now the forum is private. You can join this forum at any time just to have fun on but it’s not for everyone. We know that there are a bunch of things that can’t be mentioned on that forum.

We can’t even mention them on here. They won’t even be commented on. But if it does get mentioned there are a raft of awful things that can be used against those who choose to do this. I don’t even care which site you are from. Your details will be passed on to those that matter.

So yes there is very good reason on why you mightn’t like that at all. But you know what you would hate the serious stuff that comes after it as punishment. So think of this if you get caught out the light punishment means you can’t post on the forum. If you hate that then make sure that you learn to think a bit better before posting up your comments.